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Kwame MA McPherson

First Jamaican to be awarded

The Bridport Prize writing bursary

for Flash Fiction

Jamaican-raised writer, authorpreneur, poet,

mentor and orator, Kwame MA McPherson

has become the first person from the

island to win a bursary award for the Kit

de Waal Bursary for Flash Fiction with The

Bridport Prize: International Creative Writing


 My Date With Depression: Mental

Uncertainty to Self-fulfillment (2019) is

being launched at the Jamaican High

Commission,1-2 Prince Consort Road,

London SW7 2BZ, on Thursday 19th March 2020 at 6:00pm. To purchase a copy of his book: Amazon (https://amzn.to/2MBgzm0);

Lulu (http://bit.ly/2VixzOk).

Go on line for full press release


Storm The Stage Academy Of Arts Presents Sounds Of The Unde

Explore the works of legendary songs, free your minds

as this army of young artists draw you into their magical

world! ‘SOUNDS OF THE UNDERGROUND’ is inspired by

the academy’s strong values of family, education, culture

& diversity with a vision to create their own legacy through

iconic radio hits. Beats are pumping, shoes are tapping and

bodies moving to the rhythm of the night.

Times and Prices

 Saturday 4th April 2020 1pm & 6pm

Sunday 5th April 2020 3pm

Tickets: £12 adult, £10 child & £35 family ticket

(must be a max of two adults)


Fashion Enter - N17 Creative Calling

Fashion-Enter Ltd will be delivering an exciting new project

called N17 Creative Callings. The project launched on the 17th

November will bring local creative SME’s and micro-SME’s

together with training providers to address skills gaps.

It will also support these businesses to provide work

placements, internships and project opportunities for students.

The project aims to help address the shortfalls of

underrepresented groups within the creative industry, by

targeting Londoners with disabilities and health conditions,

ethnic minorities and females. 

Learn More

The project is funded by the Greater London Authority and the

European Social Fund and supported by Haringey Council

Contact esme@fashion-enter.com


Celebrating Black History Month in Haringey

The film challenges the stolen legacy of our ancient Kemetian history. It takes us into the inner world of Kemetian spirituality and reveals how they built the pyramids. It’s where the Pharaohs and Queens from the spirit world meet the history books. Contributors also include: Dr Nubia Onyeka, Neferatiti, Mfundisi Jhutyms, priest Heru Ankh Ra Semajh Se Ptah.

Date: Saturday 28th September

Time: 8.00pm

Location: Maa Maat Centre

366A High Road, Tottenham

London N17 9HT

Phone: 07415482167 - 07956052821

Ticket Price : £8.00 in advance

£10.00 at the door




Tottenham Hotspur has become the first Club to create an art gallery within its stadium to showcase works of local artists. Ashton Attzs one of three commissioned artist White h(e)art, Brown h(e)art, Black h(e)art Lane; 2018 Ashton Attzs is a 20-year-old, award-winning artist and poet, from North London, and studying Fine Art at Central St Martin’s, who celebrates the uncelebrated. This series of quotidian paintings are a colourful lease of life; charmingly empowering the everyday person, particularly those of BAME and LGBT+ identities. White h(e)art, Brown h(e)art, Black h(e)art Lane is an ode to all individuals from every community within Tottenham. The vibrant triptych is a snapshot of eclectic N17 life: from the busy bus stops of the High Road to the shoppers of Hale Village - it’s a celebration of all who make Tottenham what it is.