summer 2019 edition - from the editors

 It’s fitting but painful that the British Government will officially celebrate Wind rush Day on the 22nd June 2019.

On June 21st 2018 “The 100% SPA Show” hosted three days of activities called the “The Spirit of Wind rush celebrating a Journey”, Commemorating the achievement culture and legacy of the Wind rush generation at Uptown restaurant in the heart of Tottenham, North London. The event was a human intervention hosted by the community for the community to make sure the Windrush generation received a space/place to share the stories of the people they are now, how they made their life journey and the events along the way. The interaction and stories shared during the evening planted the seed for the idea of 4U2news magazine to encourage human contact face to face contact and local community engagement.

Hopefully the official Windrush day will educate the wider communities and help them to gain a true understanding of the Windrush Generation contributions and learn something new about the many family stories and legacies. I mention this event as it seems that 12 months on, there is sadly still no financial help from the British government for individuals who find themselves in a place with no identity facing deportation

In this edition of the 4U2 Newmag I hope you will enjoy Uncle George’s thoughts about the importance of food and families eating together and become inspired to try one of the simple, traditional, Caribbean recipes in this edition. Dianna shares ways to manage Arthritis and promotes self- referral, guilt free pampering to improve overall well- being. In our “Listening corner” Jo & Shelly share their story and ask “What would your little one tell you if only they knew how?” 

It worked! “The Sewn together” project successfully engaged over 82 local residents who attended 5 workshops to create beautiful African & Caribbean patchwork quilts by contributing their own personal patch to the project. The quilts are now on display at Bruce Castle Museum. Style & Fashion, Recycle Re- purpose Re- use

– “On the Way back “ novelty lapel pins, and paper address books,

Elsewhere we send congratulations to “The Bridge Renewal Trust” celebrating 10 years providing the community with a variety of essential health and well being services. Enjoy the summer months ahead and visit at mleast one of the beautiful green spaces located in Haringey.

Have fun 4U2 Team

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Need To KNOW

Attendance allowance

Attendance allowance by Lyn

Attendance Allowance is extra money you can claim if you are over state pension age and

need regular help with personal care. It is non-means tested, so you can claim it whatever

your income or savings.

Who can claim?

You may be eligible for Attendance Allowance if you:

• Are you over State Pension Age? You can find out your state Pension Age On

• Have a long-term physical or mental illness or disability. This can include sight and hearing


• Have needed to help with personal care or regular supervision from someone else for at

least six months.

• You can claim whether or not you actually receive this help or supervision. Personal care

tasks could include things like washing and bathing dressing and undressing, getting in or

out of bed and taking medication.

For a full list of personal care activities see Attendance Allowance factsheet.

How much is it worth?

Attendance Allowance (AA) is paid at two different rates, depending on the level of care you


Lower Rate - £57.30 per week if you need care or supervision during the day or night

Higher Rate-£85.60 per week if you need care or supervision during the day and night.

Some people find that they have lived with their health problem for a long time they over look

or underestimate their difficulties so it’s a idea to get help filling in the form Contact Citizens


If you are turned down

The DWP should give you a written explanation if your claim is turned down. If you are

unhappy with the decision you have 30 days to make an appeal.

Next steps

Learn More


Download a claim for form or call the Department for Work and Pensions Help Line

0800 731- 0122 for an application form.

OR call the helpline 0800 319- 6789

• Monday to Friday 8.30am-6.30pm

• Saturdays 9am to 1.00pm

• Sunday’s and Bank Holidays – Closed



go green

Sowing Seeds and

Cultivating Futures


Is an organisation designed to reconnect

the come-unity back to nature.

GoGrow was born from a spiritual journey as a

new mum when Sandra moved to Tottenham

and recognised that there was a lack of organic healthy food options available.

GoGrow focus mainly on educating children and sharing services that contribute to the

community in a positive and holistic way, using Nature’s Natural Systems through fun

gardening sessions, programmes and workshops, designed to introduce and enhance

knowledge in horticulture, food growing and the environment.

GoGrow strongly encourages parental engagement and participation.

Currently facilitating food growing programmes such as horticultural skills development,

nutrition and taster sessions, sensory and nature walks, nature art & crafts in learning

establishments, community projects, schools and children centres during the term and


Learn More


GoGrow and Friends Of Harmony Gardens hosts weekly food growing sessions for adults

who would like to volunteer, based at Broadwater Farm Community Centre N17 6HE.

For more information email and

follow on instagram/facebook:


The project also offers sessions and

workshops for parents and children.


Sandra Salazar D’eca

Tel: 07828 080 155

Sowing Seeds and

Cultivating Futures

Working hours: Tuesday,

Wednesday and Thursday 9am-3pm