M.O.B. My Own Business


Networking is a tangible skill and can be the perfect tool to meet new people connect  and collaborate with other Entrepreneurs  and  Suppliers.

We support and encourage work life balance M.O.B themed networking events will also provide a social setting for individuals to meet and greet, chill and relax .


House of Akunna

4U2 enjoyed a pattern cutting workshop delivered

by Jesslyn Roberts House of Akunna as part of the

Sewn Together equip employment project.

1. When did you start your business?

House Of Akunna Fashion School started in Spring


2. Why did you start your business?

I realised I had skills and knowledge I knew my local community would benefit from.

After becoming severely unwell with Lupus and having to quit my job, during my recovery, Ihad endless requests from people asking me to explain how to pattern cut. 1 to 1 sessions turned into group classes and kids workshops . . . the rest is history! I wanted my local community to enhance their skills and have the confidence to either start their own business, find a job they love or return to education.

3. What training was required?

I achieved a BA in Fashion Design in 2017. Although I have a degree, a lot of what I know is self-taught, I learnt a lot by using resources such as books, YouTube and going to free workshops. I also have customer service and digital marketing skills which have helped me tremendously in building my business.

4. My typical day at work?

I think my typical day varies a lot as it depends on whether I have workshops coming up, back to back meetings or brand projects. However, a typical week leading up to a workshop consists of creating content, managing social media, replying to emails, preparing learning material, ordering supplies and managing 1 to 1 clients.

5. Challenges in the business?

The biggest challenge has to be managing all aspects of the business, from admin to social media to facilitating workshops, it can be hard to constantly switch between hats.

However, I’m working on building a team to help manage and grow the business.

6. Rewards in the business?

The biggest reward has to be when people leave my sessions feeling so confident and proud about what they’ve created. So many go home and send me a message saying they’ve sewn together their first dress or have got their sewing machine up and running again and that makes so happy!

7. Best advice given to you regarding your business that you took on board?

Tiny tweaks = BIG CHANGES.

Whether it’s how you present yourself or how you run your business, those small

adjustments can result in huge transformations and progress.

House of Akunna: +4475 3165 6635 Email: akunnaofficial@gmail.com

Website: www.houseofakunnafashionschool.com


RJ Sports Therapies

Sta enjoyed a relaxing chair based shoulder

massage and discussed the long term health

benefits of holistic treatments with Ricardo

Johnson qualified sports therapies.

1. When did you start your business?

I started my business in 2011

2. What motivated you to start RJ Sports ?

Having worked as a College sports teacher, in the NHS and professional sport - I believed

forming a company would offer more fulfillment.

3. What qualification are required ?

Level 3 teaching and assessing qualifications. To offer sports massage therapy you need

certificates up to level 4. Insurance, DBS checks and 1st aid certificates are also essential.

4. Typical day’s adventure?

Attending sports therapy clinic and seeing clients on an hourly appointment basis.

Offering sports massage, remedial exercises, stretching/mobilising. I also deliver fitness

qualifications and workshops for trainee fitness instructors, or sports massage.

On weekends I go to football matches and enjoy cycling in competitive races.

5. Challenges and stepping stones?

The hardest thing is to secure a good premises. Marketing is increasingly important to

grow the business. Unsociable hours plays havoc with my social life and I miss quality

time with those close to you ( trying to avoid meeting a partner who doesn’t like sports!!!!!)

6. Rewards - what makes you feel fantastic?

It’s exciting and rewarding doing freelance tutoring, delivering courses and workshops, as

well as working in football, cycling or any professional sport. Also the pay can be great.

7. Best piece of business advice you acknowledged?

Don’t let non-sports people tell you how to run your business.

8. Advice from you for budding entrepreneurs?

Find out very quickly your specialism. Conquer your marketing strategy and understand

social media. Finally, have a working business plan

9. Plans for your business moving forward?

I want to grown my University student placement programme - encouraging more BAME

and female physio’s in professional sport - especially football.

10. If you ruled the world for 1 day what would you do?

I would suspend all ticket prices to every global sporting event and allowing fans to watch

everything for free!!!!

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 Ricardo Johnson 07502-277-167 Email rjsportstherapies@gmail.com 


Sugar Tea Room

The 4U2 team enjoyed a sunny afternoon sipping tea

and Enjoying home baked cake with entrepreneur

Sophia who runs a fabulous tea room that comes to


1. When did you start your business?

I started in January 2014 officially but had the idea in 2013

2. Why did you start the business?

I wanted to have a cake related business as I love cakes and also love Afternoon Tea. I

couldn’t afford permanent premises to create a tea room so decided to pop -up the service

in exciting locations.

3. What training was required?

I did an evening course in cake decorating at first then also attended a food safety course

as this is a legal requirement.

4. Typical day’s adventure?

Each week is different and I tend to be very busy on Fridays this is when the kitchen is

filled with pleasant aroma’s as most of my baking is done then. I also spend a lot of time

planning the cake menu, layout of the tables, and flower arrangements.

5. Challenges and stepping stones?

Personal challenge is being a home baker with limited space. Also finding the right client

as Sugar Tea Room it’s a niche idea.

6. Rewards - what makes you feel fantastic?

Making people’s birthdays or special occasion’s

even better with my tea parties gives me a great

sense of pride and that’s why I do what I do.

7. Best bit of business advice you acknowledged?

Know you worth and make sure you charge for all

aspects of the service not just the food.

8. Advice from you for budding entrepreneurs?

Get lots of help but follow your instincts. It takes

time to be established so if things are slow keep

going make sure that your creative ideas and self

belief are honoured, try different things and don’t

give up!

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Sophia Butler




pinda kai-do

4U2 has been talking with

Master Franck, founder of the

PINDA KAI-DO school of

Martial Arts. A business that has

a charitable arm and is focussed

on teaching the young to teach.

1. When did you start your


I started my business in 1996

and never looked back.

2. Why did you start your


I felt there was a need to occupy

young peoples minds and

develop there positive energy

instead of them being in the

streets and potentially getting

into trouble.

3. What training was required?

I am a fully qualified instructor in

fitness / boxing / wrestling and

martial arts for children and


4. A typical days work?

We train twice a week in a class

and I also teach private classes

on the weekends

5. Challenges in your business?

Our major challenge is finance,

we are continuously thinking of

innovative ways to raise funds

6. The rewards?

We had some students that used

to be in gangs making the

wrong choices in life. After being

a part of our school we now see

them following a good path and

also more importantly we see a

change in attitude towards their


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During the summer months

PINDA KAI-DO will be opening

their doors to people of all skill

and experience levels for their

next open seminars.

Contact them now to reserve

your place.


07939 627 109





Etinel Royal Locks

 M.O.B - My own business 4U2 spoke with Louise a qualified Sisterlock consultant loving her business.

1. When did you start your business?

I started my Sisterlock Natural Hairdressing business in 2013

2. Why did you start your business? 

I recognised that black women started to wear natural hair styles such as braids, locks, afros and the trend had moved away from wigs, perms, relaxers and costly false hair extensions.

3. What training was required? 

To become a certified Sisterlock consultant the training was intense with audio and visual, demonstrations and detailed written theory covering the structure of black hair and beauty.

All work is submitted to the Sister lock governing body evaluators based in Santiago USA who assess the quality and standard of your work and issue recognised certification.

4. Typical Days Work? 

My typical days work varies from client to client depending on needs which could include retightening hair or a full sisterlocks installation. Some days I work long hours into the evening when I have more than one client on the same day.

5. Challenges in the business? 

It can be very challenging to be up and get started at 7am. Other challenges are when clients don’t follow basic instructions on how to care for their sister locks to avoid unravelling.

6. Rewards from the Business?

It’s definitely rewarding I feel proud when admiring the creative finished product considering the hairstyles are styled with clients own natural hair. I also enjoy the independence that Etinel Royal Locks provides as I can set my time of work and have the freedom to travel and take holidays in my own time.

7. Best business advice given to you that you listened to?

Know your target market and the value and worth of your business.

8. Best business advice you would give a budding entrepreneur? 

I would say invest in a mentor is investing in yourself, believe in yourself, and enjoy what you do. Work hard and always remember that your imagination has no limitations.

Contact number; 07932333927 Louise.Etinel Royal Lock

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Contact number; 07932333927 

Louise Etinel Royal Lock 

Find A Balance

Additional Information

4U2 enjoyed a relaxing herbal tea and chat with Samatha

founder of FInd A Balance.

The Balanced Support is a monthly membership programme. It

is a peer-to-peer group coaching programme for young people

with mental health issues.

1. When did you start your business?

I started Find A Balance December 2015 in Hackney.

2. Why did you start your business?

I started my own Mental health business because my son suffered a Psychotic breakdown

and was section under the mental health act (Section 2) for 28 days, while he was in

hospital he managed to escape and managed to obtain alcohol and cannabis while in

hospital from other patients who were allowed out daily.

The level of care was not sufficient as staff did not understand African & Caribbean culture

and the difference in the way we communicate. I thought other people may benefit from the

experience my son went through.

3. What training was required?

I completed an Introduction to Mental health Course Level 1 and 2, attended the School for

social entrepreneur and and won the Beyond Business& Investec Bank Social entrepreneur

award; this equipped me to start my own business confidently.

4. Typical day work?

My typical day consist of taking telephone calls given advice to clients regarding mental

health issues, doing home visits to clients or conducting workshops within local communities.

5. Challenges in the business?

The main challenges are trying to secure adequate funds to support more individuals.

6. Rewards in the business?

The satisfaction of seeing individual’s life change

for the better.

7. Best advice given to you regarding

the business that you took on board?

Be resilient, never give up believe in

your vision.

Contact Samantha Francis