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Spring is hair! by Diannia

The Spring solstice will take place on Friday 20th of March 2020, so Spring will be officially here, layers of clothes will be coming off and it is now a good time to focus on hair removal. First off, let’s think about some of the methods, benefits and

reasons why people remove the hair, from their bodies. We will compare the two most common methods of hair removal, starting with shaving. 

Shaving is straightforward it’s quick, simple to do at home and inexpensive. That’s the good stuff, now let’s look at the drawbacks, firstly, it’s super easy to knick the skin, can cause bumps, scars and needs to be done every couple of days in some cases. When hairs grow back they can often feel stubbly and rough to the touch. A huge range of women’s razors can be purchased, from the simple straight forward types, to more expensive models that release scented gels when used and can cost approximately £3.98, each. Now we will consider waxing as a method of hair removal. Waxing is also a temporary method of hair removal that involves using wax to remove hair from the face and body. The benefits of waxing are that, both the visible hair and the root are removed, this means that

the re-growth is of completely new hairs with soft tapered tips. It takes 4-6 weeks before another treatment is required and after many years of waxing, hair growth becomes patchy and slower to regrow. 

Now the downside to waxing, firstly, you will get the best results by visiting a beauty salon, there is a cost attached, you can expect to pay anything from £8 upwards to have your underarms waxed. The hair has to be at least ¼ of an inch in length, in order for the wax to stick to the hairs and treatment can only be performed on those with healthy skin. Whatever method you decide to use,

apply a non-scented lotion regularly to keep your skin soft and nourished

throughout the Spring and Summer.


Winter Wonder Foot Scrub by Diannia

Winter Wonder Foot Scrub by Diannia

Summer sandals have been firmly

stored away until we are able to

celebrate the arrival of the Summer

season next year. Feet are now closed

in by thick socks and boots, and this

often means they are ignored.

Your feet diligently, take you wherever

you need to go and deserve some tlc

and respect! Resist the temptation

to neglect your feet this Winter, by

making and using your own skin

smoothing, reviving and uplifting

foot scrub, which can be stored for

six months, which is all the time you

need, until Summer comes around


After using this scrub, your feet will

feel super soft and smooth.

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Natural Hair Masque by Diannia

Get ready for autumn and avoid man made detergents containing ingredients that have gone through lots of processing, often using chemicals such as sulphuric acid. Instead give your hair a holiday from chemicals and try the following hair mask, its super quick to make, inexpensive and totally fabulous!


Well the main ingredient in the mask is a banana, and everybody knows that bananas are

among the worlds, most popular fruits and are packed full of antioxidants and nutrients

such as potassium, magnesium and manganese, which are good for your hair’s health.

The mask also contains jojoba oil which is rich, light, fine textured and nourishes the hair.

Hair Masque Information

• This masque is suitable for all hair types and textures

• Once made, use the masque immediately,

this masque cannot be stored for later use


Mask Ingredients

• 1 ripe banana (organic is best)

• 30mls of jojoba oil

• 20mls of rosewater


Slice the banana thinly then,

use a fork or potato mashing

instrument to mash the

banana up, add the jojoba

oil and rosewater and mix

to a creamy consistency.


Massage the cream into

the hair coating all hairs

thoroughly, put your shower

cap over your hair and leave

on for 10minutes and actually

put your feet up and relax! Yes

relax you deserve it! Rinse the

masque off and wash your hair with a

natural clay cleanser.




 Arthritis is an ailment that is degenerative, and can become more severe over time, destroying the body’s tissues, causing inflammation in the joints, fatigue, loss of appetite and fever. The condition is caused by the body attacking its own tissues rather than from a virus or bacteria outside of the body. There are over one-hundred types of arthritis, including, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, gout and reactive arthritis. Each type of arthritis has specific symptoms, such as, cartilage damage, joint pain and inflammation, which can lead to the joints feeling stiff in the morning, affecting the day to day quality of life of those with the condition. Despite all of the above, those with arthritis of any type generally lead a full active life and regular massage of muscles, and joints can lead to a significant reduction in pain for people with arthritis. Massage can affect the body’s production of hormones linked

to anxiety, raise self-esteem and produce a feeling of well-being by raising the body’s serotonin levels. Serotonin is the bodies “feel good” hormone.

Things to do to ease the symptoms of arthritis

If you have any type of arthritis you should try to eat:

• a balanced and varied diet to get all the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other

nutrients you need

• a more Mediterranean-style diet which includes fish, pulses, nuts, olive oil and plenty of fruit and vegetables

• more omega-3 fatty acids, for example from oily fish.

You should also exercise regularly.

Homemade Lotion & Potions Recipe - Add 1 drop

of frankincense eassential oil to 10ml of sweet

almond oil and diffuse in an oil burner. Frankincense

essential oil has a spicy, woody, odour and has antiinflammatory

properties and will enhance the mood

and lift spirits.

do More


Enjoy a relaxing massage and therapeutic treatment

specifically designed to support arthritis sufferers

on a Thursday, at, The Laurels Healthy Living Centre,

256, St Ann’s Road, Tottenham, N15 5AZ, from

10am – 4pm,

Helpline: Enfield Arthritis Social Group

Helpline : 0800 5200 520 call for free today

( Monday-Friday, 9am-8pm )


Tel: 0207 3806522 The Art Town 29-30

The Town Enfield EN2 6LW

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The Truth about Prostate cancer and the black man By Vasco Stevenson

For the first time prostate cancer has overtaken breast cancer in the number of cases being reported. One in four black men will develop prostate cancer. With this in mind the onus is therefore on men to have themselves checked as early as possible and in addition to learn and understand as much about prostate issues as they can. In doing this they can then make informed decisions when faced with a prostate challenge, be it prostatitis, benign prostatic hyperplasia or prostate cancer. What should also be understood is that there are different grades of prostate cancer and although the word “cancer” is a very emotive word it is not a death sentence. As long as the cancer stays in the prostate gland it will not be life threatening. 

It is only when it leaves the prostate gland and spreads to the surrounding skeletal areas that it becomes an issue of life and death. 

Working on the premise that “Prevention is better than Cure” it is therefore incumbent upon men to engage in lifestyle and dietary practices that substantially reduce the risk of contracting prostate cancer.

For further information on natural foods that reduce this risk and ways to resolve your health challenges naturally. 


Vasco Stevenson

(Holistic Wellness Consultant)


Smoothing Minty Body Scrub


By Diannia


Its official winter is here! 

The general response to the drop of temperature is to pull on layers of clothing to keep chills in the air at bay.

This action, shields against the cold, but slows down the skins natural exfoliation process. 

Here is a recipe for a body scrub that can easily be made at home at a fraction of the cost of a similar shop brought product.

Your skin will be silky smooth after use, smell divine and your circulation will receive a boost as well!

The scrub can be kept on a shelf (out of sunlight) for up to three months and is suitable for all skin types. 

It also makes a great present.


• 50g of dark brown sugar

• 30g of raw cocoa powder

• 50g of dried peppermint (or several opened up peppermint tea bags)

• 1 drop of peppermint essential oil (optional)

• 100ml – 150ml of virgin coconut oil

• Glass jar or other container with a lid


1. Mix the sugar, cocoa powder and dried peppermint in a bowl

2. Add the oils whilst stirring until you achieve a thick paste

3. Store in the jar, label and date.

How to use your   body scrub

Massage the chocolatey scrub all over damp skin using light pressure. 

• Rinse and towel dry your skin.

• Enjoy!

Diannia is a beauty qualified therapist, nail technician, make- up artist, nutrition and weight management advisor and lectures at the College of Haringey Enfield & North East London based in Tottenham.

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