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Shines a ray of light profiling  individuals and organisations highlighting their  community contribution and corporate social responsibility. 

Our audience are aware of  social capital and their contribution and worth in society both locally nationally, and on a global stage.

Here in the UK  collective community form a growing economic and influential section of the population.


“Free will the volunteer” by Jessica

Volunteering, getting involved locally in worthwhile everyday projects can reap several positive rewards. It can assist with overall well being, confidence building and tackle loneliness.

Simple interactions help keep individuals active plus provide opportunities to meet new people, learn new skills and test run new careers and hobby paths.

The best part of volunteering is giving back and enjoying a personal sense of reward and achievement. Overall levels of volunteering are stable Data shows that rates of volunteering have not changed: 38% of people reported they had formally volunteered at least once a year in 2017-18 although this is up 1% from 2016-17.

People aged 25-34 years old are the least likely to formally volunteer with only 15% volunteering once a month. The highest rates of volunteering can be found among the 65-74 year olds, with 29% volunteering once a month and 42% at least once a year. Volunteering rates are higher in rural and less deprived areas People living in more deprived areas are less likely to volunteer formally. In 2017/18, 15% volunteered regularly in the most deprived areas of England

compared with 29% in the least deprived areas of England. There is also a divide between rural and urban areas: 29% of people living in rural areas volunteer formally on a monthly basis versus 21% of people in urban areas. Info provided by:

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 The following organisations are based in Haringey supporting and encouraging local people

to get involved in volunteering.

Stop & Scrap Universal Credit –

Crutch Haringey are collaborating with Freedom’s Ark Tottenham Community Food Bank.

Studio 306 Recovery Through Creativity – Studio 306 Collective CIC, Collage Art space 4 Red

Building by Caxton/Parkland Road Former Wood Green Post Office

2020 200 voicEs


On a wintry morning in Tottenham Hale, the Living Under

One Sun Café in Down Lane Park radiated with warmth as

local women came together for lunch to discuss the stigma

around getting older and principally the ‘taboo’ topic of the


The event was hosted by Reach and Connect, a new service

which offers support and advice for Haringey residents age

50+. The aim of the event was to inspire women to support

others out in the community who are on their menopause


 journey by providing clear facts, guidance on different

support services and most importantly the opportunity to

share and learn from their experiences. Those who signed

up will undertake training in January and come together

in March to celebrate International Women’s Week at the

Southbank Centre as part of Haringey’s 200 Voices project.


As the group feasted on tasty tagines made with delicious

homegrown vegetables from the LUOS garden and listened

to herbalist Marion Makonnen talk about how our bodies

and emotions change over time, there was tears and

laughter and above all, a sense of ‘lived experience’ which

as Marion reminded everyone – we should not see this time


in our lives as an ending, but as a new beginning, in which

anything is possible!

200 Voices is a collaboration

between several Haringey services

and is open to anyone who has

been affected by the menopause.

If you are interested in finding out

more or participating in the training

please contact: or


Call: 0203 196 1905.Give customers a reason to do business with you.


culture seeds award

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan has awarded the “Sewn together” project with

one of his first ever Culture Seeds Awards in recognition of their work in Haringey

Sonja Camara was presented with the Culture United Award at the Mayor’s inaugural Culture Seeds Awards.

This award recognises projects that bring communities together, and Sonja won for her needlework workshops for women toexplore their stories of the African and Caribbean communities in Haringey. Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, said “I want to congratulate Sonja Camara and the “Sewn together

team” for their excellent work in Haringey- you are proof that culture can benefit us all. Culture

has the power to bring communities together and gives young people positive opportunities to

discover their creative talent and to achieve their ambitions. Culture can be a powerful tool to steer

young Londoners away from crime and criminal gangs and towards education and employment. I’m determine that all Londoners have the opportunity to gain from the benefits culture can bring to their

lives, that is why I have invested in Culture Seeds, so that our small grants that can help make a big difference.

Sonja Camara, Culture United, said: “The Culture Seeds grant enabled the Sewn together African & Caribbean Commemorative quilt project to bring the community together through creativity. Local

artisans shared skills their technique, and knowledge in uplifting community spaces. It was an amazing opportunity to highlight the unique contribution and heritage of the African & Caribbean communities living in Haringey.


The “Sewn together African & Caribbean quilts” will be on display at Bruce Castle Museum on Saturday the 22nd June as part of Haringey’s Windrush Celebration Day 2019.

Free Entry

Location: Lordship Lane, Tottenham London N17 8NU

Tel: 0208 808 8772

women who inspire


Women who Inspire

Haringey honoured Unsung Women and celebrated International Women’s Day 2019, “Women who Inspire” awards which took place on the 9th of March, at the civic centre.

“Think equal, build smart, and Innovate for change” programme.

The National theme focused on innovative ways in which we can advance gender equality and the empowerment of women, particularly in the areas of social protection systems, access to public

services and sustainableinfrastructure. Fifty women from all backgrounds received public acknowledgement certificates, flowers, and sincere thanks for their tirelessness service to

their communities.

Auntie Jean’s Culture Market started International Women’s Month on Sunday the 10th

of March at the Chestnuts Community Centre with a soothing “Pamper & Heal Day”

showcasing a pop up shop discussing sustainability, nails, massage, tropical fruit snacks,

handmade chocolate and a variety of stalls selling home/hand made products and


The event was enhanced with a lively performance by She Agame Drummers a newly

formed female drumming troupe. Their first public performance energised the event witha soulful rendition of “The Rivers of Babylon “with full audience participation


Giving is Living - Go fund me appeal


Support for local groups is essential.

Manhood Academy

The gift of Manhood rites of passage builds leaders of  tomorrow for a world

of today. Please support now and make the Gambia a reality for December 2018 #protectourboys



Communities making it happen


People make communities we respect  the community spirit where people can connect  and engage with friends. family and neighbours, to discuss matters that concern us ALL. 

We also work with forward think enterprises to promote diverse creative and cultural  interest events.

Sta enjoying  a community gathering celebrating with Windrush Pioneers 

Alex & Joyce Pascal.June 2018 Uptown Restaurant.