from the editor

Welcome Autumn Readers

In our daily and busy lives, we are focused on our circumstances and situations and as a

result, we miss other people and what they are going through.

In this issue we explore a number of topics with the main theme being about “seeing” other

people around you and yourself!

Someone who may be alone, going through their own life challenges, are homeless and need of compassion and support; even those who seek to resettle into a new community and life, in addition to eating well.

In The Listening Corner - “We see you” by Marcia Dixon, we share birthday celebrations and heart warming information about a fabulous Pamper and Dinner Day supported by volunteers, for 100 homeless women and their families who live in Haringey, many of who

are surviving with the support of, good will, food banks and charities.

Go Green, details the Green Chestnuts Eco Urban Life Festival to be held during re cycling week 23rd -29th Sep Join the movement “Recycling It’s in our own hands” and Food For All shares body warming healthy Green Banana Porridge recipe. Sophie, Pop-ups Sugar Tea House in M.O.B and shares her enterprise journey.

October, join in and celebrate Black History Month with friends and family, acknowledge and see the vast contributions of the African & Caribbean communities to British society.

We sincerely hope you enjoy reading the articles as this issue celebrates our 1st birthday and has everything for everybody and 4U2.

Highest regards to all who continue to support us on our journey.

Log and read Kwame’s blog “A date with depression”


My date with depression

 Kwame McPherson

Guest Editor 


My Date With Depression: from mental uncertainty to self-fulfillment,

is Kwame’s latest book and according to Rasheda

Ashanti, author of ‘Swimming With Fishes’:“If ‘Slay In Your Lane’,

the self-help book by millennials, Yomi Adegoke & Elizabeth

Uviebinene is labelled ‘the black girl bible’ then, ‘My Date With

Depression’ ought to be called ‘the black male bible’ as the

similarities between the journey of life, of hills and valleys has no

vastness. This book gives an insight into success living side by

side with depression, failure, fear, stress, love and a plethora of

human vulnerabilities and strength. It’s inspirational, honest and

an empowering read for boys and men t o dare to dance with their

emotions.” Pre-order now: